Saturday, February 2, 2013

Two--Quincy's First Death, First Buyin

Quincy, wandering down a side street near his house, figuring the best strategy of crushing his opponents at Old Maid, sees an old man gasping, spittle flying from a purple face.

“Hi,” says Quincy.

“Urfle,” says the old man.

“You okay?”

“Gurf,” he says, and gurgles.


The old man reaches out for Quincy who, spying a cloth bag next to our unfortunate oldster, evades the grasp, grabs the bag, and peeks inside.

“Blurk!” says the man and, gasping horribly, slumps against the brick wall.

“You dead?” asks Quincy absently, who knows much about death from the many Risk games he has played--death equals losing--and searching inside the bag finds a dirty cloth, six half dollars, a two dollar bill, and a picture of a woman wearing a pink spandex bodysuit.

He hurries home and adds the five dollars to his lawnmowing money to make his first PokerStars buyin.

He chooses a game called 25NL.  His first hand is 9d 6d.  When it is his turn, he moves the slider all of the way to the right, and sees the words "All in."  These words look beautiful to him.  He clicks the button.

Over 16 days, he runs his $20 buyin up to $43,140.63.

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